September 4, 2016

We’ve been getting more questions about the development status of Paprika so I figured I would share a status update here. We’re currently hard at work on a brand new version of Paprika, version 3.0, containing many of the top-requested features that people have been asking for. Things like:

  • Support for rich-text formatting in recipe ingredients and directions.
  • The ability to link related recipes together.
  • Expanding each recipe to support multiple, large-sized photos, that can also be embedded in the directions.
  • Converting ingredient measurements between US standard and metric systems.
  • Syncing pinned recipes across devices.
  • Support for recovering accidentally deleted recipes from the trash.
  • More advanced recipe search capabilities, including the ability to search in multiple categories.
  • An overhauled grocery list with customizable and re-orderable grocery list aisles.
  • Support for custom pantry entries, quantity tracking, and expiration dates.
  • The ability to create and re-use meal plans that span across weeks.

This new version has been under development for a while. We’re not sure yet when it will be ready to be released but we are currently making good progress. :)