August 12, 2017

We have been working on the new version of Paprika for over a year, and at this point we are in the final stages of development for both the iOS and macOS versions. We expect to be able to release both versions simultaneously later this fall, and then we will work on getting the Android and Windows versions upgraded as well.

(Since we have four different apps to upgrade it will take us some time to get through them all, but we are making progress every day and will continue working until all four versions are fully feature complete.)

This version is the biggest update we have ever done, and we are really excited about all the new features. I will post a preview of the changes once we are a little bit closer to release.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience!

November 18, 2016

Hi folks. Our annual Thanksgiving sale has started once again. All versions of Paprika are discounted until the end of November.

Happy cooking!

Sale prices:

September 4, 2016

We’ve been getting more questions about the development status of Paprika so I figured I would share a status update here. We’re currently hard at work on a brand new version of Paprika, version 3.0, containing many of the top-requested features that people have been asking for. Things like:

  • Support for rich-text formatting in recipe ingredients and directions.
  • The ability to link related recipes together.
  • Expanding each recipe to support multiple, large-sized photos, that can also be embedded in the directions.
  • Converting ingredient measurements between US standard and metric systems.
  • Syncing pinned recipes across devices.
  • Support for recovering accidentally deleted recipes from the trash.
  • More advanced recipe search capabilities, including the ability to search in multiple categories.
  • An overhauled grocery list with customizable and re-orderable grocery list aisles.
  • Support for custom pantry entries, quantity tracking, and expiration dates.
  • The ability to create and re-use meal plans that span across weeks.

This new version has been under development for a while. We’re not sure yet when it will be ready to be released but we are currently making good progress. :)

February 16, 2016

Hi folks. I am pleased to announce a major upgrade to Paprika’s web browser that we have been working on for quite some time. To make it easier to save recipes from your favorite sites, we have built a natural language processing engine into Paprika that can automatically recognize any recipe written in plain English on any website.

This means that you no longer have to request support for specific sites to be added to Paprika, nor will you need to resort to Paprika’s clipboard tools to copy and paste the recipe from the browser when you encounter an unsupported site. Just press Save Recipe and Paprika will figure out the rest.

This upgrade applies to all versions of Paprika’s built-in web browser, our Safari extension on iOS, and our bookmarklet for your regular web browser. Update to the latest version of Paprika on all of your devices to take advantage of these new changes.

(Note that the bookmarklet has automatically been upgraded, so if you’ve already installed the bookmarklet in your web browser, you don’t have to do anything else.)

November 20, 2015

We are following up again this year with another Thanksgiving sale. All of our apps are discounted until the end of the month:

Sale prices: